Analysis II for Physics, Uni Leipzig, SS 2020

This is a direct follow up of the WS 2019/20 Analysis & Linear Algebra for Physics lecture.

Due to pandemia, we start our semester in e-learning mode.

General outline: there will be

  1. lecture notes with some level of interactivity (lecture notes with comments or full e-learning lectures via BigBlueButton)
  2. Homeworks (HWs) posted online, to be solved and submitted
  3. Tutorials by Mrs. Mahsa Sayyary Namin aimed at giving you opportunity to prepare for solving HWs and to understand better the material. More details at Mrs. Sayyary webpage:

Detailed plan:

week 1 (6-10 April)

  • HW1 related to the part of the Linear Algebra section lectured in the previous semester (appears on 6.04)
  • lecture notes (relevant part from the previous semester): they are rather dirty and should serve only to fill in gaps in your own notes from the lecture
  • no virtual lecture (theory already covered in the previous semester)
  • tutorials: