Analysis & Linear Algebra for Physics (10-PHY-BIMA1), Uni Leipzig, WS 2019/20

Due to pandemia, retake exam is postponed until further notice! (this applies also to the retake of Professor Gittel lecture, that I will take care of)

Lecture scrapbook. Due to many requests, I provide scans of my notes. They are supposed only to serve as a lecture preparation for me. At many occasions the course of the lecture itself is different, proofs are done in an alternative way etc. In particular, notes contain mistakes. I do not recommend to follow them

First portion: Introduction, sequences, series!AkaRHLBtPk_mkU7VAueiQSLZe_K6

Second portion: continuity

Third portion: differentiation of functions of one variable+glimpse into ODEs

Last portion: Elements of Linear Algebra, part I

Theorem with dots. As promised, below careful proof of theorem on liminf/limsup/concentration points

Tutorials of 29.11.2019, note of TA Sandra Ried

Homeworks for Analysis I. They should be returned directly after Monday lectures (10:45). Please staple your solution sheets and do not put them into any folder etc.

Each student is entitled to one delayed submission: then the scanned homework should be emailed to Ms Mojgan Soltani at

until Wednesday.

Homeworks points:

50% of standard HW points is needed for an exam admission (standard means excluding points for problems with *). WARNING: contrary to my experience and declared possibility (in a talk with one of students) , the German system does not allow to sit the re-take without admission by HWs. So you need 50% to be allowed to participate in any exam (both first-time and retake).

In case of a passed exam, a grade may be improved up to 20% by HW points. In case of a barely passed exam, good HW score may tip the scales.

Analysis I homework 1, of 21.10.2019

Analysis I homework 2, of 28.10.2019

Analysis I homework 3, of 11.11.2019

Analysis I homework 4, of 18.11.2019 and solutions:

Analysis I homework 5, of 26.11.2019 solutions discussed at tutorials

Analysis I homework 6, of 02.12.2019 solutions discussed at tutorials

Analysis I homework 7, of 6.01.2020, due 20.01.2020 and solution hints:

Analysis I homework 8, of 13.01.2020, due 27.01.2020 and solution hints!AkaRHLBtPk_mmQuYUW9H35X7eR34

HWs point checksum: after the lecture of 3.02.2020 there will be an opportunity to discuss HWs points, e.g. mistakes in adding up the points or serious issues concerning marking. Any student that wishes to discuss their HWs must: (i) have a hardcopy of the marked solution sheet that they want to discuss, (ii) clearly present the issue. The marked solutions are available at tutorials. The final points count should be available online on 31.01.2020.


time&place: 9:00 – 11:30, 10.02.2020, Theoretical Lecture Hall. You are allowed for a single sheet of paper with anything you wish written on it. Exam will take around 2 hours

admission: 50% of HWs points needed to sit the exam or retake (it is impossible to sit retake without satisfying 50% criterion!).

Students admitted to exam are marked by 1 in the column ‘admitted’ of the HW spreadsheet. Students marked there with ‘?’ (yellow) with numbers:
3714208,  3735773, 3708670 should immediately contact Frau Schulthoff. They have sufficient points to sit the exam, but they failed to register correctly to the lecture.

participation in the exam is needed to be allowed to sit retake

exam will be similar to the mock:

Exam result (tentative): see column GRADE in a discussion of solutions and grades is possible on Friday, 21.02, during my office hours 11-12:30, A317 Neues Augusteum. On that day evening the results will become official. Before discussing please study exam solution hints:!AkaRHLBtPk_mmjIQhKD-LhVD0IKO

Exam result (final): are those of column GRADE in rounded up to the local format (x,3 and x,7 allowed as fractions), see Almaweb

Retake exam: postponed until further notice