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Lecture scrapbook. Due to many requests, I provide scans of my notes. They are supposed only to serve as a lecture preparation for me. At many occasions the course of the lecture itself is different, proofs are done in an alternative way etc. In particular, notes contain mistakes. I do not recommend to follow them.!AkaRHLBtPk_mkU7VAueiQSLZe_K6

Tutorials of 29.11.2019, note of TA Sandra Ried

Homeworks for Analysis I. They should be returned directly after Monday lectures (10:45). Please staple your solution sheets and do not put them into any folder etc.

Each student is entitled to one delayed submission: then the scanned homework should be emailed to Ms Mojgan Soltani at

until Wednesday noon.

Homeworks points:

50% of standard HW points is needed for an exam admission (standard means excluding points for problems with *). In case of a passed exam, a grade may be improved up to 20% by HW points. In case of a barely passed exam, good HW score may tip the scales.

Analysis I homework 1, of 21.10.2019

Analysis I homework 2, of 28.10.2019

Analysis I homework 3, of 11.11.2019

Analysis I homework 4, of 18.11.2019

Analysis I homework 5, of 26.11.2019

Analysis I homework 6, of 02.12.2019