Teaching experience

summer term 2022

analysis IV for physics (in-person), Universität Leipzig

seminar on Euler equation (basics, small scale creation, blowups along T. Elgindi)

winter term 2021/22

analysis III for physics (in-person, including tutorials), Universität Leipzig

summer term 2021

seminar Frisch’s Turbulence (online), Universität Leipzig

winter term 2020/21

analysis III for physics (online), Universität Leipzig

summer term 2020

analysis II for physics (in covid19 lockdown), Universität Leipzig

winter term 2019/20

analysis and linear algebra for physics,  seminar on Littlewood-Paley theory, Universität Leipzig

summer term 2019

continuum mechanics (lecture) Universität Leipzig

Trinity Term 2017

reading course in Nonlinear Analysis and Application, Centre for Doctoral Training, OxPDE, University of Oxford

2011 – 2012

tutorials in Analysis II, University of Warsaw